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Surplus is the extra left over from a transaction.  Surpluses can be leveraged to make change.

There are two ways to leverage surpluses:

Make surpluses in an unrelated way and route them to where they are needed.


Do what creates the surpluses.

If you want to make change you need to be doing one or the other.

How do you create surplus?

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Contrary to popular belief, you don't win by coming up with something better.  You win by having a better story.

Here's the rub. You can't just tell the winner's story better than the winner.  You have to tell a different story.

What story are you telling?

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Entrepreneur or freelancer?

A freelancer gets paid when he works.

An entrepreneur makes money while he sleeps.

A freelancer says, "It couldn't work without me."

An entrepreneur says, "Only tell me what happened today if it was an exception."

A freelancer takes his time and trades it for money.

An entrepreneur takes other peoples money and takes risks with it.  He then (hopefully) sells the company and gives them 10X their money back.

One isn't better than the other.  But it is important to understand which one you are.

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Why I love Chris Brogan and you should too

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Chris Brogan is the real deal. At a time when so many are claiming to be be social media gurus, Chris embodies all that we love about social media. He’s honest, authentic and accessible.

His blog (which on some days is even more popular than Seth Godin’s) is one of the few I try never to miss a post from (to subscribe to his blog via email click here). His posts are consistently insightful and revealing. I also love his willingness to expose his challenges as well as his victories.

Chris’ bestselling book Trust Agents (Chris’s affiliate link) is a must read for understanding the new economy and Social Media 101 (Chris’s affiliate link) is the ideal primer for those wanting to understand social media.

On top of all this, Chris is genuinely nice guy. A good husband. And a good father.

Plus he doesn’t mind when I steal his blog post ideas…again.

And perhaps my favorite thing about Chris…his day rate makes mine seem like a bargain 🙂

Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us Chris.

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Air Warrior Series: How I pack my REI Tech Beast 22

My buddy Chris Brogan recently did a fun video post showing how he packs his spiffy Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 (Chris’s affiliate link). I’ll be honest, I want his bag.

But, since I don’t have it, I thought I’d steal his concept and share how I pack my REI Tech Beast 22 (not an affiliate link, but only because they don’t have one). It’s pretty awesome too.

(If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, click here.)

Entertaining side note: Throughout this video I refer to the fact that I’m packing for a one day trip. Ironically, I was wrong. It was actually a three day trip, and I got stuck in Chicago overnight on the way home. Let’s just say that extra pair of underwear came in really handy.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the REI Tech Beast 22 is on sale through memorial day for $124.99

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