What does Catalytix do?

Catalytix helps businesses and organizations adapt and change. We help them understand that new marketing is all about conversations…not the “conversation” where they, the marketer, shout out their message to as many people as possible, but the conversation where our client’s existing customers are talking to their contacts about our client.

We explain that there are two types of conversations. The first conversation is the conversation that’s happening someplace else because people are already talking about them. They may be saying good things…or bad. The question is, does our client know when the conversations are happening and, when appropriate, take part in them?

The second type of conversation is the conversation our clients host themselves. Who better to connect their customers? Often their customers naturally gather around our clients’ product in the real world. We help our clients facilitate that conversation.

We help our clients understand and implement a social media framework and create a place for their existing customers to connect with each other and prospective customers. We teach them not to try to control the conversation but to take part in it. What they earn by doing this is permission to deliver timely and relevant messages to the community.

We’ve worked with a diverse group of clients including Acumen, Martha Stewart Living, The Marcus Buckingham CompanyThomas Nelson Publishers, Molson/Coors Canada, Saddleback Leather Company, Wild at Heart, Max Lucado, New Leaf Publishing, Children’s HopeChest, Yates & Yates and Dan Miller/48 Days.

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