Why I love the guys at LessEverything

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This is me with my friends Steven and Allan this weekend at LessConf 3010 (the conference from the future). They’re the brilliant co-founders of LessEverything (and creators of LessAccounting). The conference was a blast.

I don’t remember exactly when I first connected with Steven and Allan, but I’m guessing somebody sent me a link to I loved the site, so I started following Steven and Allan on twitter.

But now, let me tell you the rest of the story.

A few months later I was accepted into Seth Godin’s alternative MBA program. I needed some financial help to cover the costs of going. So I sent an email out to a few of my twitter followers who are also business owners. Within just a couple of minutes of sending the email I heard back from Steven and Allan saying that they’d like to sponsor me for the six months of Seth’s program and thanking me for the opportunity to take part. They then proceeded to make a significant financial contribution to help cover my costs.

Here’s the thing. My only contact with these guys up until this point was through twitter. I wasn’t even a client yet.

These guys are amazing…and so are their products. Thanks guys!

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5 thoughts on “Why I love the guys at LessEverything

  1. Sweetie Berry says:

    The conf was my first experience with both guys. I’ve loved the products and wanted to make an impact in whatever way I could for two men and a project I so very deeply value. It was my privilege to serve and interact with each of you. Thank you Jon! It was great to share your story!

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