To the memories

Some memories are created by accident.

We spent this Christmas in a motel in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Not because that was the plan, but because an ice storm trapped us while we were out on a quick Christmas Eve trip.  No gifts, no stockings, not even a tooth brush.  Our kids will remember it forever because it was so different.

Memories can also be created by design. 

When they take your picture as you board the cruise ship they're telling you this will be an experience you'll want to remember for a lifetime.  And you do. 

During our six months with Seth Godin he placed a giant Moleskine on the table by the door to his office.  Each day as we left we wrote something in it.  A quote, a funny story.  Our guests would add something and sign it as well. Will it be fun to read back through a decade from now?  You bet.  But it was more important in the moment.  By writing in the book every day, we were reminding ourselves we were having an experience worth remembering.  And it was. Thanks Seth.

What are you doing to create memories?

Here's to a memory filled 2010.


2 thoughts on “To the memories

  1. Jon, I am continuing to fill my life with people like you, who challenge and inspire me. From that come the best memories. It truly was a great year! I am excited to see what 2010 brings you. Thanks Jon, and Happy birthday.
    On a more technical level I have several @moleskine notebooks where I document my memories.

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