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Ten Reasons I’ll replace my kindle with an Apple iPad (or whatever they call it)

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kindle.  But there are some things that really frustrate me and leave me salivating for whatever it is that Apple is about to come with.  Here are the ten reasons I think Apple’s new device will be a kindle killer:

  1. Sharing and interaction.  I like reading blogs on my kindle, but I don’t because I can’t easily share what I’m reading.  One of the main reasons I read blogs is to find great content to share with others.  There’s no easy way to do this on my kindle.  So I often wait and use my laptop for my daily reading.  I’m confident Apple’s device will make it easy for me to tweet a link to something I want to share.
  2. Email.  A device the size of the kindle and I can’t do email.
  3. Touch screen.  Every time I hand my kindle to someone to look at they try to use the screen like an iPhone screen.
  4. Color.  Pictures anyone?
  5. Multimedia.  My kindle is 3 times the size of my iPhone and I can’t watch a movie on it.
  6. The kindle is functional (sort of), Apple’s device will be sexy.
  7. The app store.  A device just for reading books?  That would be like having an iPhone and only using it for making phone calls.
  8. Enhanced content.  I think this is going to be a game changer.  Embed video in a book.  Finally.
  9. Social interaction.  While Amazon has completely ignored Seth’s suggestions. I’m guessing Apple will embrace them without even reading them.
  10. You.  Apple’s customers will be passionate evangelists.

12 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I‚Äôll replace my kindle with an Apple iPad (or whatever they call it)

  1. My sentiments exactly, Jon. I’ve not purchased a Kindle for the reasons you’ve outlined. Just hope the new Apple device will make the purchases cost-effective.
    Just bought an AppleTV because we love it’s ability to stream our iTunes without having to dock our iPod or iPhones. However, movies are just too expensive to purchase as compared to our BDnet service (Netflix) on our LG blueray. The Apple guy at the Mac store had the same feelings. Overall, gotta love Apple though! Things just … work.

  2. Somethings seem so obvious don’t they. The technology is there, but Amazon doesn’t seem to see the value in going “there”‚Äîthat place that meets expectations and packs in a few surprises…those that move us from consumers to promoters. Seems, so obvious.

  3. Levi,
    The B&N Nook looks great.
    It does have a color screen. But it’s not a full color screen just a 3.5″ one at the bottom.
    I like the nook. I think competition for the kindle is really good for the space.
    But I don’t see any of the multimedia or social features that I think are going to be game changers.

  4. And I completely agree with you on the screen fatigue issue. I’m pretty confident that Apple will address this…but we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Jon,
    I held off on buying a Kindle as it was essentially a single purposed device. Sometimes an appliance is good, but in this case, I was anticipating that Apple would come out with a multi-purpose device that would also permit book reading as well. Difference between a Kindle DX and a similarly sized iPad?
    This is not a difficult decision to make.

  6. Will we be able to embed video in a book? I’m still unclear whether this is possible or not with ePub format, though Jobs said it was. Anybody got a link to share to show me the way?

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