Giving your customers an “us”

A few days ago, I wrote about how we don't make our decisions alone…we make them
as part of a tribe. We're highly influenced by those around us.

What some really smart companies (or their customers) have figured out, is you can give people an "us" to be part of.

Apple sell a better personal computer? Yes, but you're also becoming
part of something larger when you buy a Mac. You're joining a movement
(and Apple sells the tickets).

The same is true for a Jeep or a Harley Davidson.

And your local church or synagogue.

And a Ted Dekker novel.

Do your customers have something to be part of?


3 thoughts on “Giving your customers an “us”

  1. Mark Weaver says:

    Great insight Jon! I’ve forwarded this to all our team at Advanced Ecology….will be used for discussion for a company meeting in May. super!

  2. says:

    Doesn’t it bother you that all of the SAMBA posts are cloned in the Seth Godin approach and tone?
    It would be nice to see some originality and a change-up in delivery. Seth makes enough posts talking at us – why don’t you guys do something different?

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