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Service or hospitality?

"It's absolutely irresponsible for anyone in a high touch business not to know who their customer is today."
– Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group

recently heard Danny Meyers, a successful NYC restaurateur, say that
the difference between service and hospitality is like the difference
between an off the rack suit and a custom made suit. He described how
his restaurants have been able to use technology solutions like OpenTable
to know who their customers are and when they'll be dining. His team
then uses that information to do more than just provide service, they
custom design a hospitality experience for their guests.

believe that Danny's advice is relevant far beyond the traditionally
"high touch" businesses. Whether you're an auto-mechanic, an author, a
hotelier, a clothing company, or a coffee shop…the technology you
need is readily available to connect you directly with your end
customer so you can provide a customized "hospitality" experience. If
you don't, one of your competitors will…and then you lose.

Just providing service isn't enough…if you want to be remarkable you have to provide an experience.

It looks like we're all in the hospitality business now.


3 thoughts on “Service or hospitality?

  1. Jon, When I read your post I thought of my Dad and how he runs his lodge. Anyone that goes to his place knows that they are not just getting a great meal and room, but a unique “mountain experience”. And it is not just for the high paying luxury seeking customers. One of the best experiences he offers is to the grungy, smelly, tired and dusty through hikers on the pacific crest trail. For any of the through hikers headed north to Canada or south to Mexico, he offers a unique deal. He even offers the first mug of beer free! He does this because he knows his clients, and what spells hospitality for them.

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