Is Your Marketing Out Of Sync?

Every day I talk to business owners who are completely confused by the myriad of options they have as they try to market their business.  There’s print advertising, radio, TV, the internet…so many choices and none of them really seem to work.  Most of them end up making what Seth Godin describes as a Meatball Sundae…and if your organization is making meatball sundaes you’ve got serious trouble.

As a Digital Marketing Coach I can help you understand and take
advantage of the new "Social Marketing" that is changing the way
business is done.

Right now there are people who need the product or service that you offer…the question is "Are they finding you?"

If you’re unsure of what to do with blogs, podcasts, adwords and
facebook I can help you make sense of the changing landscape and
develop a plan to move your business and marketing quickly and
profitably into the new business environment.

Not sure where to start?  I’d suggest reading or listening to Seth Godin’s new book Meatball Sundae.
If, after reading the book…and having your mind blown…you’d like
someone to walk step by step with you into the new business age…toss
me an email.  I’d love to connect.

So, take a look around, read a little of my "blog".  Its a great way to keep up
to date on the latest thoughts and ideas that effect your business.


2 thoughts on “Is Your Marketing Out Of Sync?

  1. Hey Jon,
    I have been talking with a couple other people working on a Digital Coach styled business and decided to start a Digital Coaching Discussion community.
    It sounds like you would have some great insight. Looking forward to hearing it.
    Don Makoviney

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