Buy One Give One Free

Seth points us to TOMS Shoes.

Their approach is brilliant for two reasons.  For each pair of these economical shoes you buy…Tom donates a pair to a child in need…no complicated formulas.  The shoes themselves become more than a fashion statement…they become a conversation piece.  Unless you wear Keens when was the last time you had a conversation about your shoes?

Watch the video here and ask yourself "How can I build giving into my business plan?"


One thought on “Buy One Give One Free

  1. TOMS shoes are super great — they are one of the first Buy One Give One businesses — this is now growing into a movement led by Buy1GIVE1 – a social enterprise based in Singapore and works with any business globally — so now with the help of Buy1GIVE1 any business anywhere in the world can get a Buy1GIVE1 – ‘CSR plugin’ for their business making it super easy and simple – and then they can give from every transaction – imagine the world when millions of businesses give every time they sell – the power of transaction-based giving.
    Buy1GIVE1 is at or
    David Anttony

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