How I replaced Google Reader with a twitter list and hootsuite

I used to love Google Reader. It was a wonderful tool that brought all my favorite blogs together in one place and made them easy to read and share. It was great…until it wasn’t. It soon become one more inbox that I couldn’t keep empty. My unread items soon numbered in the thousands and then the tens of thousands. I felt guilty every time I logged in.

It seemed like the right thing to do. Find a good blogger and subscribe to their feed. Right?

But let’s face it, there are very few bloggers who put out a great post every time.

I’ve found a better way. I very seldom miss important posts and I read lots of posts that would never have shown up in my RSS reader. Here’s how I do it. I let other people that I trust and respect put my reading list together (and they don’t even realize they’re doing it).

All you need is a twitter list and hootsuite.

  1. Create a twitter list of the people who matter in your space (or just use mine).
  2. Open that list as a column in hootsuite and filter it for the keyword “http”.

That’s it. Now you’ve got a list of links your sources deemed important enough to tweet about today.

Give it a try. You’ll be surprised at the variety of content this surfaces. And if there’s any bloggers you want to make sure you read add them to your list. If they write a good post they’ll probably tweet about it.

How are you choosing what to read every day?