Safe or brave?

It turns out there are basically two type of opportunities. Safe ones and brave ones.

It’s safe to open the fourth auto parts store in Woodland Park, CO. Nobody woke up this morning with an I need another auto parts store to choose from problem, but the research must show there’s market share to be stolen.

It’s safe for Microsoft to launch Bing or for Lowe’s to open a location accross the street from Home Depot.

However, it’s brave opportunities that are fun. Brave people solve problems we wake up in the morning with. Brave challenges the status quo. Brave might not work.

When my friend Tony launched No Outlet, No Problem he launched a brave business. ¬†He realized that a large part of the population both here and abroad needs power for mobile devices when they’re not near an outlet. He knew that the solutions being offered were ridiculously expensive and he decided to be brave and offer a better solution to the world. With a little help from Kickstarter, his bravery has been rewarded (it’s not too late for you to get one).

What are you doing that’s brave?



7 thoughts on “Safe or brave?

  1. Christine, you are incredibly brave. I don’t know many other people brave enough to launch a YouTube channel like http://www. youtube.com/thegeekyfaucets or leave the safety of a traditional income to rescue young girls from slavery on the other side of the globe. You are brave!

  2. I think it’s easier to be brave when we have big, bold goals that inspire and ignite us.

    How’d Ford say it? “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

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