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Review of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Every once in a while a book comes along that hits you right between the eyes and changes everything.

For me this happened when I read Tribes and realized that the way business and marketing works had changed and most people didn’t realize it. My life’s work is a result of the change in thinking I experienced while reading that book.

A few weeks ago I was priveleged to receive an advance copy of Chris Guillebaue’s new book, The $100 Startup. ¬†I’m convinced this book is going to do for thousands of people what Tribes did for me. ¬†It’s going to change the way they look at business and work…forever.

In The $100 Startup¬†Chris shares story after story of people around the globe who’ve started businesses based on their passion and providing value to others. ¬†He shares the story of Benny Lewis an Irishman with a knack for learning languages who left an engineering career to travel the world and teach people how to learn languages using his methods. He describes how Michael Hanna was laid-off from his professional job and started a mattress store with a unique twist…he delivers people’s mattresses by bicycle. One day he realized he hadn’t worn his suit in two years so he carried it out to his bike and delivered it to Goodwill.

This book isn’t just a series of inspiring stories it’s also a blueprint for how to start your own business.¬†If you’ve ever wondered if you can be one of the lucky ones who get’s to spend every day making a living doing something you love, the answer is a resounding yes, and this book will show you how. You’ll find yourself and your passion in it’s pages…and you may never be the same.

Chris has been kind enough to provide me with ten copies of The $100 Startup to give away to my readers.

On 5/15/12 I picked 10 winners from among those who left comments. Congratulations to:

Thad, Mark, Sam, Theresa, Jamie, Tricia, Dustin, Todd, Rocco and James who each received a free copy.

The $100 Startup is available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win.

Question: Why would you like a copy of The $100 Startup? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



32 thoughts on “Review of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

  1. Tyler Hess says:

    Ah man, that sounds pretty interesting…I’m a stay at home dad and I’m trying to get a couple small things going to help out while raising out daughter, would love to get some insight from people that are smarter than me at things.

  2. David Huey says:

    I’ve recently launched a non-profit – looking for all the wisdom I can find.

  3. mburch says:

    Looking forward to this book. This is an area I struggle in only with respect that my dream is costing more than $100 to start. Would like to know what I could have done differently, but also how I can help others. So many discouraged folks out there today.

  4. This is one of the things that excites me so much about this book. ¬†So many people are in a tight spot right now…and this book offers hope and encouragement that people can start a business(without needing a ton of startup capital).

  5. I’d love to read the book to understand my story better. ¬†I feel like building my practice was that story. ¬†My first counseling couch I found next to a dumpster at an apartment complex. ¬†I found a $60 counseling chair and $5 filing cabinet off craigslist. ¬†Add to that the $20 worth of business cards and I had a practice. ¬†Man it was lonely… agonizing… felt like I was fool. ¬† I feel like I got my MBA in life experience at that time. ¬†Still learning…¬†I guess reading the book would be a way to look back at it all. ¬†Redeem some of that agony.

  6. mburch says:

     Looking forward to reading it whether I receive from you or not. Always looking for ways to encourage those looking for work. I run into them all the time.

  7. Beautiful… Even in tough times, there is opportunity… Looking forward to this read, as it was for me in 2009 where I as many others was laid off; I transformed into a whole new direction.

  8. Jodey says:

    I dig reading stories of¬† people that change the way they look at business and work.¬† But I also like a healthy dose of “how to” along the way.¬† I am looking forward to reading this book.

  9. Theresa Lode says:

    Did somebody mention a free book? ¬†;) ¬†I’m looking forward to reading this…free or not. ¬†(I think I put it on my Amazon list before it was even released.) ¬†

    Anyhoo. As we face yet *another* impending lay off due to a corporate buy out….we’re looking for new and different opportunities. ¬†(And yes, we have an impressive list of things that *didn’t* work out. ¬†Ha.)

    I love Chris’ take on things and look forward to another great read. ¬†

  10. Theresa Lode says:

    Oh yes, OMK….Jon…she should get the book. 😉 ¬†Jest sayin’. ¬†See what you started, Jon? ¬†

  11. scottbarstow says:


    I am an avid reader of Chris’ work. ¬†Chris represents everything that is right with how to think about the world and doing what you love to do. ¬†

    I am on a personal quest (as you know) to do only those things that I love doing.  Chris is a constant challenge and an in your face reminder of where I fall short.  His 279 Days book was a large contributor to me taking blogging seriously back in the day.

    Would love a copy.

  12. I want this cause I just finished reading a review of it!  And a guy named Tony D would probably think I should read it.

  13. Tricia H says:

    I would love to read this book in hopes of giving me the extra knowledge I need to start my home business. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave a job of fifteen years as a soul provider for myself and children. Needing the income to continue to provide for them, I have decided to pursue a career I am passionate about that enables me to help others. I am always reading an throng to educate me in thus entrepreneur endeavor I am taking on.

  14. Tricia, whether you win a free copy or not your really need to read this book. ¬†You’ll find it both inspiring and helpful in your current situation.

  15. Tricia H says:

    Sorry, autocorrect got me again;) It is supposed to say, I am always reading anything that will educate me in this entrepreneur endeavor I am taking on.

  16. One of the ways I have learned what I already know is reading what people have written about changing the way they look at business and work. ¬†It’s always a ¬†plus if they tell how you can do it too.¬† I am looking forward to reading this book.

  17. Kingmedia says:

    It’s easy to take forgranted how hard it can be to be your own boss. It can be just as easy to overlook how rewarding it can be to be your own boss. The reality is that many people will never experience either extremes of ownership by staying comfortably entrenched working for someone else. I hope this book helps me break free from this into my own ownership of what I hope promises to be a rewarding experience as my own boss. Thanks for the soapbox and chance to win a copy of the book.

  18. I heard about this book a little bit before this post, but gave it one of those, “I’ll look for it when it’s available” thoughts. Like others, free or not, I do plan to read this book either way. My idea that I’m still developing and doing some on the side, coffee roasting, traditionally has a major start up cost. So far, I’ve been able to keep that low, but don’t know yet how I’m going to scale business and reach non-linear income. It’s easy to get locked into thought patterns of discouragement when coffee equipment is very expensive and carrying costs for the business is pretty hefty, especially when sales are slow. Unique stories like mattress delivery via bicycle is just the inspiration I need to take my idea of reaching home coffee drinkers at a new level no one else has done yet.

  19. Todd Anderson says:

    I have a lot of ideas, dreams and passions that I see becoming businesses someday. I’m ready to move from dreams to reality, but I’m struggling with knowing, and taking the steps to get there. This book seems like it would help me move in the right direction. I’m hoping for new ideas that will spark new movement, energy, and stride towards actualizing passion, purpose, and dreams, into reality.

  20. Emmanuel & Lori Boussuge says:

    We are trying to start up a photography business to allow us more flexibility in scheduling so we have more time to spend with people! ¬†By the way, we need to talk with you and Amy…we are moving to Ft Collins the middle of June!

  21. Godsgirl777 says:

    as missionaries we struggle every day to be able just to support ourselves and do ministry.  We are looking for any and all help to support Healing  Communities and what God has called us to do.  I would love to read this book because I think it may help me to see things in a different light.

  22. Fire Dragon Inc says:

    I learned about this book $100 Startup from Tim Ferris, the 4 hour work week author. I am very inspired by the possibility of living my life the 4 hour work week style after reading the book. However I am still stuck as to how I can start working towards my 4 hour work week after reading the book.

    My wife is in China, pregnant now, due to give birth in Sep 2012. I have a full time job in Singapore which is taking up a lot of my time. I would love to be able to fly over to China now and be with my wife and my baby when she arrives in this world in a few months time. I went to the local bookstore in Singapore to try to buy this book but it is not available here yet.

    I hope this book can provide the answers, steps and plan to get me started asap so that I can be with my wife soon.

    I chanced upon your site while doing research on this new book $100 startup. Hope I win a copy too

    Donald Lim (Fire Dragon Inc)

  23. Reasons to read the book:  #1 I like that it is global in scope and not limited to the next Silicon Valley tech start, and #2 John Dale recommends it, and #3 May be inspiring read for my teenagers as they exploring future career options now that the day of the job is over.

  24. I’m always looking for knowledge and inspiration to do what seems impossible.¬† I know it’s possible because I have so many friends who are doing it, but the jump seems so big when it’s dealing with the grey matter between my own ears.¬† I enjoyed The Art of Non-Conformity and expect The $100 Startup to be just as good if not better.¬† Thanks Jon!

  25. jeff says:

    I’m looking for insight on being your own boss in a business involved in the arts. I like the idea of creating a “cottage industry” something that is true to a vision with as few compromises as possible but being able to see the value of when and how to compromise. The business side of things in the permission marketing world is what I am seeking an understanding of, the nuts and bolts and tightening them down.

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