Don’t mind the gap


The gap is the space between things. We usually look at the gap as a bad thing. Something to be avoided. Something to get past as quickly as possible. The gap between clients.  The gap between jobs.  The gap in the economy.    

But what if we looked at the gap differently? What if the gap is actually an opportunity?

An opportunity to take stock.

To reevaluate.

And even an opportunity to change direction.  

As I look back on my life and career, most of the gaps that at the time seemed painful, actually led to new and much more exciting opportunities.  

Five years ago when I noticed that some of my largest advertising clients were reducing their spend I was facing a gap.  It was that gap that caused me to question the fundamentals of marketing and the way business is being done.  This resulted in my starting a consulting firm to help companies address these issues.  If it hadn’t been for that gap I might not be doing what I love today.

Don’t mind the gap, embrace it.

How are you looking at the gaps in your life?

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6 thoughts on “Don’t mind the gap

  1. Jon Stevens says:

    Gaps are great. For the first time in my life I found myself out of work, and what I thought was going to be a disaster has turned out to be one of the best periods of my life! The free time has allowed me to grow as a person try new things, read new books, meet new people, and doors are starting to open up all around me!
    Dont mind the Gap look for em!

  2. Itching for a gap is a sure sign that you need one :-).
    Sara, you do amazing work with Keith.  Keep it up.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

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