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SAMBA Yearbook

Many of you know that I've spent the last six
months participating in Seth Godin's Alternative MBA Program.
 It's been an incredible experience; one that has changed the way I think
and the course of my life – I have met fantastic people, worked on fascinating
projects, contributed to a great blog, and most of all, learned from a master.
 I'm incredibly grateful to Seth for the opportunity.

Seth - picture

For me, this picture epitomizes the SAMBA experience.  Seth, soaking wet after a brief swim in the
Hudson, doesn’t miss a beat, and continues, paddle in hand, teaching us life and
business lessons.  Not reading to us from
a textbook, but rather sharing from his own experiences while creating
experiences for us.

Nothing about SAMBA has been conventional. From the interview
process to the limited edition MacLeod diplomas, Seth made sure this was nothing
like a traditional MBA.  For starters, we
spent as much time working on actual businesses as we did talking about
business. We learned that the ability to execute on an idea is much more valuable
than just coming up with an idea.  We
learned how to fight the resistance and how to be brave.

And, Seth showed us by his actions what it means to live a truly
generous life.

So, Clay, Susan, Al, Rebecca, Alex, Ishita, Allan, Emily and of
course Seth, thank you!  This has been
amazing. Each of you have a special place in my heart and a place to stay in Colorado
if you ever want to come skiing.

Thank you, Seth, for turning the MBA experience on its head. I,
along with the rest of SAMBA 2009, am eternally grateful.

Illic est haud refragatio – SAMBA 2009


19 thoughts on “SAMBA Yearbook

  1. Chris,
    Great question. I’m working with clients that include publishing houses, authors, web 2.0 companies, consumer electronics companies and non-profits.
    Stay in touch.

  2. Eric Mullett says:

    “We learned that the ability to execute on an idea is much more valuable than just coming up with an idea. We learned how to fight the resistance and how to be brave.” does it get any better than that? Let’s spend a day on exploring all of it! : ) Excited for you–and everyone you touch from this point forward.

  3. So stoked for you Jon. And really eager for you to get your donkey back to Woodland Park so we can work side-by-side at the coffee shop and share ideas, diss bad business, and do some podcasting. And I’ll shamelessly take all you learned and broadcast it to my brethren. Also itchin’ for a new adventure, maybe you can intro me to kayaking.
    See you shortly…

  4. Jon – loved reading about your last events together in this life-altering process. And I’m delighted to have engaged you for the remainder of this year to be the beneficiary of some of that new-found wisdom! For all the other readers out there I’m one of those authors that Jon humbly acknowledges working with. I’m stoked about the new business models and ways of conducting business that are unfolding. Lead the way Jon.
    Dan Miller, — author and life coach

  5. Jon,
    Congratulations on the graduation.
    You know what happens when you mix canoes and Englishmen…. they will get wet, it’s part of your DNA! LOL
    Blessings from GB.

  6. Really nice. I am sure it must have been a wonderful experience for all of you.
    Makes me feel like “I wish I too could have participated in something like this”

  7. Dillon says:

    Congrats and Kudos. I know you will do great work with what you’ve assimilated during this six months. In a selfish mode I know that myself and others at Free Agent Academy are going to benefit greatly as well. Good luck and all the best.

  8. Jon,
    How you have done this I may never know, but if anyone ever deserved their MBA it is you! You never cease to amaze me, and I deeply appreciate the support that you revolutionized my business with.

  9. Jon, It has been an honor to support you through our friendship. I am very excited to see where the years ahead lead you, Amy and the kids. The last six months have been inspirational to me. Your walk continues to leave a great impression on my heart.
    Blessings bro,

  10. Jill Anderson says:

    Congratulations to you, Jon. I have enjoyed following the blog and reading insights from your perspective. Kudos!

  11. I have learned a great deal from Seth, reading his blogs over the years. SAMBA is a wonderful initiative. Nice blog Jon! This sure looks like some helluva course…

  12. Jon – Congrats on graduating. I’m sorry I missed you and Susan on your last days, I didn’t know you both left early. I got a chance to say goodbye to everyone else at Seth’s house during the pizza party.
    You’ve got a ton to offer to the world and I’ll be one of your biggest cheerleaders going forward (I’m saying this to all our fellow SAMBA grads but it is so true). I’m grateful we got a chance to learn from Seth and I’m sure everyone will change the world for the better.

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