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Why Tribes May be the Most Important Book this Decade

I’ve just finished reading a pre-release copy of Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us.  I think it may be the most important book I’ve read this decade.

In his usual, easy to read, conversational style, Seth provides a manifesto outlining a new type of heretical leadership. As I read through the book I found myself highlighting pretty much the whole thing…almost every page contained nuggets that I had to underline and flag. 

Seth says about leadership, "We hesitate because it feels like something we need to be ordained to do."  He then proceeds to deconstruct the traditional understanding of hierarchical leadership and paint an inspiring picture of what leadership is today.

Whether you are in business, ministry, politics, education or social work…you need to read this book.  It comes out this Friday, my recommendation is pre-order a copy on Amazon today and read it this coming weekend.

I can’t wait to read it again, but I couldn’t help myself and I’ve given my early copy away already…but I’ve got 10 more on order from Amazon.  If you’re a client of mine watch your mailbox…there’s a copy headed your way.


One thought on “Why Tribes May be the Most Important Book this Decade

  1. I think Seth Godin has a brilliant mind for marketing. I love “Permission Marketing” and refer to it from time to time, so I’d love to see what he is up to with respect to leadership. Thanks for the post.
    all the best and be blessed
    John March

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