Why We Love Zappos and Hate AT&T: Part 2 (The Rebate)

Zappos was featured on ABC’s Nightline last night.  A ten minute segment about the Zappos culture of customer service. Its well worth watching.

I received a phone call this morning from someone with the "Office of the President" (De La Vega…not Bush). He offered me a $100 credit towards the $400 I’m about to lose…I said that wasn’t good enough and after a friendly chat he promised to see what he could do and get back with me later today.

While we were talking I mentioned I hadn’t received the rebate from my BlackBerry purchase in May…and he said he’d take care of that for me…and now a few hours later I get this text message from AT&T:

Your rebate has been mailed to you.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Thank you.

So I’ve got $50 bucks headed my way from the purchase of my BlackBerry…I’ll be fascinated to see if AT&T takes advantage of this opportunity to provide excellent customer service or if they stick with the approach that got them into the Customer Service Hall of Shame.


One thought on “Why We Love Zappos and Hate AT&T: Part 2 (The Rebate)

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