Horizon Quest

Hqlogo_2Imagine a place of rustic luxury…in the mountains of Colorado…a ranch. You are there with five of your closest friends…for a week.  You are served like royalty…the finest food…the most comfortable surroundings.  You spend your days sharing stories…your stories…your friends stories.  You share adventure…on horseback…shooting shotguns…fly fishing.  Now imagine its all a gift from someone you don’t even know…all you had to do was show up.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it.

That’s what I thought too.

Actually this place isn’t just a figment of my imagination, its real and its called Horizon Quest.  I just returned from one of the most phenomenal weeks of my life.  I journeyed there with five of my closest friends and I was blown away by the experience.  If something in your heart comes alive…perhaps you hope this is real…then check out their website.  If you choose to go it’ll change your life.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Horizon Quest closed in 2010. Thanks to the team who provided such a gift to so many.



3 thoughts on “Horizon Quest

  1. Mel says:

    Another Horizonquest visitor here . . . Don’t know if you’re aware, but they had to close up several months ago. Your link to their site doesn’t go anywhere now. Sorry if I’m the bearer of bad news. Thought you’d like to know.

  2. I did know that. Thanks for the heads up on the link.
    Dale Interactive Group, LLC
    (719) 266-2620
    @jondale twitter
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